How Brands Are Leveraging AI in Marketing and Improving Their Customer Experience

AI in Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence! We bet the first thing that comes to your mind after reading these words is either “job snatcher” or “technological marvel”. There is no industry in the world that is not banking on AI technology to amplify its business prospects. And each industry’s marketing department is making the most of it by utilising AI at every step, from scheduling ads to generating content, and much more.

What is AI in Marketing?

AI in Marketing

In order to overcome the marketing hurdles, numerous technologies are being used that vary from machine learning (ML) and deep learning to natural language processing (NLP) and other artificial intelligence techs. Customer expectations are also growing from the brand’s marketing strategies, to provide them with a personalised experience. This is where the brands need to modify their marketing approach with a touch of AI and simplify certain processes for everyone’s convenience. Even the top-notch digital transformation agency in India is catering to this need and guiding brands to excel in their niche.

What All Comes Under AI in Marketing?

  • Once implemented, AI can help segregate and target the audience with particular similarity. Hence, personalised campaigns can be run. 
  • AI’s predictive analysis works like wonder as it can foretell how a consumer is going to behave in a particular situation, based on the historical data it gathers
  • Every business across the globe is banking on chatbots and trying virtual assistance to the best of their benefit.
  • AI is also being used to analyse and optimise a website to attain better ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), and improve their SEO.
  • Brands are making the most of generative AI to create images, ad copies, long-form content, and much more. Natural language generation (NLG) allows machines to produce human-like content.
  • One can schedule their social media posts, analyse the data it curated, and eventually suggest alterations in the existing content to people’s liking.

AI takes a fraction of seconds to process and analyse a large volume of data and report the same to you, so necessary changes can be made for better ROI.

Why AI in Marketing is Needed?

Marketers can actually gather data from various sources and take action accordingly. Here are certain methods AI can benefit marketing: 

  1. More Efficient: Once automation is implemented in business operations and processes, it takes the load off from the marketers where they can utilise that free time in other activities. It eventually increases the overall efficiency of the team.
  2. Better Personalisation: AI collects & analyses data and gives better recommendations to the end user, making his or her experience, more personalised and smooth. The time this technology takes to swiftly come up with the best options is beyond imagination.
  3. Drop in Errors: When the AI tech is integrated throughout the business process, there is very little room left for error. For example, it gives more data accuracy, one can bank on Automated Campaign Management, the assistance of chatbots, and more.
  4. Customer Segmentation Upgrade: The algorithm of AI analyses a huge amount of data to classify and compartmentalise the customer segments as per their preferences and use behaviour. This way marketers can customise their marketing campaigns to reach and target different audiences, differently.

Improved ROI: It tracks and analyses a certain campaign’s performance in real-time and gives you a more accurate measurement of marketing ROI. Marketers can significantly improve their marketing strategy with suitable tweaks here and there, and consequently allocate resources.

Exemplary Instances of AI in Marketing

If you are running your business over the internet and looking forward to amplify it with premium digital transformation solutions, then you must consider these unforgettable AI measures taken by some well-established brands across the goal. Have a look: 

1. Netflix: User Content Suggestion

Its AI analyses various user metrics, like what the user watches, what they like or super like, duration spent on certain content, when they paused or fast-forwarded or re-watched a specific set, what is added in their watchlist, etc. SVoD then shows a “what to watch” list. It is still one of the best examples of AI in marketing.

2. Coca-Cola: Y3000

The beverage giant Coca‑Cola and its new project, Coca-Cola Creations came up with a new Coke, an amalgamation of human and AI efforts – Y3000. The new drink was manufactured taking assistance from the AI that suggested a flavour inspired by the year 3000, letting its loyal customers taste the future. As per its official statement, the new Coke is a result of “how fans envision the future through emotions, aspirations, colours, flavours, and more.”

3. Starbucks: My Starbucks Barista

Banking on voice-search technology, Starbucks has come up with this new feature where customers can place an order and modify it accordingly. It is utilised in collaboration with Amazon’s Alexa. Moreover, they can also confirm a pickup location for the same and collect their order from the store of their liking and in their vicinity. Eventually, it launched AI-powered Mastrena II espresso maker for coffee and technology lovers.

4. Nestlé: NLP Technology

One of the global F&B leaders, Nestlé uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to produce targeted ads and creatives for several audience segments. This way, it is getting the maximum return on investment (ROI) by not investing a fortune. This approach enables the brand the freedom to create personalised communications for its audience. In addition, Nestlé is using AI-driven data processing platforms to understand its audience even better and facilitate them with a better user experience.

5. Sephora: The Shopping Chatbot

The makeup giant used to conduct a quiz for its website visitors which helped them with a customised shopping experience so they didn’t have to go through the extensive process of product selection. The whole shopping experience was simplified for the end user where they used to leave satisfied and amazed at the turnaround time. The success of that initiative motivated the brand to offer a chatbot-powered shopping service via Facebook Messenger.

Conclusion Artificial Intelligence is the key to success in this digitally competitive world and you need the guidance of a digital transformation company in Delhi, like SkyTrust as we can help you achieve your goal effectively. Let’s join hands and we will take you to the cloud nine of success.

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