Shipping and Delivery

SkyTrust - Shipping and Delivery

This document sets out the shipping and delivery policy that applies to customers who make a purchase of digital transformation services at If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team on (phone) or mail us at (email).

All offerings available for purchase on are digital services and delivered via digital upload and download only. All services and products will be provided in accordance with customer requirements and will be delivered electronically through secure online channels. Deliverables will be provided in standard electronic formats such as PDF, DOC, or other agreed-upon formats.

No physical products are shipped under the digital services we render. All of the digital transformation services offered on are digital products and hence are not applicable to be delivered physically in any case whatsoever.

Order Processing Time

The time taken for the delivery of the requested services will depend on the service demo and the meetup. Afterwards, a concerned person will get in touch with you to take things further. Once you decide to get on board with SkyTrust, you will get a confirmation mail with a digitally encoded agreement/contract on how to proceed with the digital transformation of your business or brand. It will come into effect once the payment is confirmed. Once your request gets through, you will get instant access to the service project upon payment. In addition, project delivery timelines will be communicated to the client once the project gets started and will vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

Technical Prerequisites

Any technical prerequisites will be communicated to you (the client) in advance, hence you will be responsible for ensuring that your systems meet any technical requirements specified for accessing the end services to the best of their utilization.

Updates and Upgrades

If the digital services are subject to updates or upgrades, you will be informed beforehand in order to avoid any miscommunication and keep your operations going.

License Agreement

Some procured services may require us to issue you with a license key. We will get in touch with you to collect information regarding the host ID of the computer you wish the license key to be generated against. After receiving this information from your end, we will generate your license key and share it with you on your registered email id, instantly. Included in the same will be the terms of use of the licensing agreements which may cover issues such as the number of users allowed, restrictions on sharing, and other usage guidelines.

Security and Confidentiality

In order to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the client, all the digital assets and information that is to be delivered will be transmitted securely. You as a client are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials and access codes provided by SkyTrust for secure file sharing or collaboration.

International Orders

Although we are an India-based service provider, but we also cater to international clients across the globe. With an international presence across the USA, UK, Canada, and UAE, we cater to businesses of every size, from every niche.

Charges or Fee

There are no hidden physical shipping charges. You will be charged for the agreed-upon project fees only and any additional services as specified in the contract.