8 Ways to Use Social Media for Storytelling Part – 1

Social Media for Storytelling

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Who doesn’t like to hear a captivating story? You never know what’s coming next to surprise and this is what keeps you asking for more because the human species is all about embracing and appreciating surprises. Especially if a brand is telling it, we get more curious as their way is more enticing and keeps you engaged with all the needed hooks and twists. And social media is their ideal platform where the magic of storytelling happens.

This marketing strategy is doing wonders for brands who are getting an opportunity to leave an everlasting impression on the minds of their target audience. As the way of consuming content by the audience has changed, the brands are also evolving to identify their needs and likes, and facilitate them with the best strategies or offers. And there is no social media marketing agency in Delhi that is not catering to this need. So we at SkyTrust bring you a number of social media storytelling methods that you can utilise to attract and engage your audience. Here goes nothing!


  1. Your Profile Matters: Your account bio and whole feed are the perfect storyboard that your audience can see and get attracted to. So you need to pay special attention to it in order to keep them engaged and keep them coming for more.
  2. Caption Narrative: When posting on Instagram, you can utilise the caption of your post or reel to create a narrative that your audience can relate to. So posting a high-quality image or video is not sufficient. You have to make the most of your captions too. For example, if you see the Instagram posts of Airbnb, their customer experience shared in captions in storytelling format works like a charm. It makes the audience aware of not just that destination in photos but the first-hand experience of those people builds credibility among the viewers as well.
  3. Power of UGC: The user-generated content on Instagram is usually promoted via insta stories or reposts. The more your audience talks about you, the more chances you have to expand your brand among a larger set of audience. You can further add your storyline to their insta story or repost, eventually extending their storyline (if they have built one). You can get started with a campaign with a suitable hashtag, which encourages your audience to take part in the activity as well as talk about Your brand on Their profile.
  4. Highlight the Highlights: The highlight section on your account or profile is another opportunity to give your audience a virtual magazine-like experience. You can also turn it into a story, conveying your brand message, as well as keeping one sort of content accumulated in one single place. 


  1. Magic of Photo Album: Why not make the most of this feature if it allows you to tell a perfect story without saying much? It is the most decluttered way to inform your potential client about an important event or offer, without bombarding your wall with the same which usually tends to irritate the end user. So use it well and wisely.
  2. Facebook Live: It is still a great marketing tactic that is being used to reach the audience in Tier 2 cities. Its live chat and reaction establish a two-way communication that allows the audience to feel like a part of your storytelling narrative. This way, your audience gets to have an authentic feel about your brand and build their trust in your brand.
  3. Sequenced Ads: Did you know that you can also place your Facebook ads in a sequence of your choice? So you can definitely give a try to the best social marketing company in Delhi which will help you with a sequenced ad in a story format. Certain brands have tested this concept and found better result conversions than usual FB ads.
  4. Story Post: The very basic feature of this Meta-owned social media platform is the Post on your wall. Though short posts get better engagement and more click-through rates on Facebook, but longer posts get a definite click of “see more” if the initial and introductory post is interesting enough. You can write and post a long story kind of content to convey your brand message. 

(To know how you can utilise other social media platforms for storytelling marketing strategy, keep watching this space as we will be coming up with a second instalment of this series, very soon.)


Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, storytelling is the way to go ahead with your branding strategy and we are here to pave the path to your success. As one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Delhi-NCR, SkyTrust is always ready to take you one step ahead of your competitors. Our team of social media mavens is always ready to cater to your needs of the hour, applying their years of expertise to the best of their knowledge.

Let’s get in touch and get started with your social media storytelling, hence your social media marketing.

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