6 More Ways to Use Social Media for Storytelling Part – 2

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Social media has become an integral part of our lives and we can’t keep calm to tell our story to the world. Keeping that ‘fact’ in mind, brands are also seizing this opportunity to tell their story and convince the audience to choose them over their competitor. Even if they (the audience) don’t make that decision, they will at least have a positive impression of that brand and remember it for that storytelling concept if nothing else.

Why Brands Are Keen to Master the Art of Storytelling

Social Media

Storytelling gives you the creative freedom to convey your brand message using a unique way that your target audience also finds enticing hence they engage with it. It sort of builds a personality of your brand that your audience feels a connection with. And there is no lack of methods to execute that storytelling part and work towards amplifying your brand.

Being a leading social marketing agency in Delhi, we can help you with the storytelling of your brand. In our previous blog, we discussed how you can utilise Facebook and Instagram to bank on storytelling marketing. It’s time we explore other platforms in this blog. Let’s get started!


1. Geofilter’s Greatness

It is exactly what it sounds and reads like- the geographical or location filter. Since 2017, Snapchat has been letting us show our location on our snaps. If your audience is available on this social media app, then Snapchat Geofilters has to be one of the best ways to target, reach, and engage your audience with your brand, integrating the location factor. It is a boon for businesses with physical locations as they let their audience (their clients) share their first-hand experiences with their followers as well as their subscribers. Moreover, you can also get your own on-demand Geofilters. 

X (formerly Twitter)

1. Create a Storm

When your typical tweet cannot be justified within 280 characters, you can unleash your stream of thoughts in a thread-like manner. You just have to reply to each of your tweets, making it look like a string of thoughts. It should be conveying a single story in a series-like format. For example, if you want to share some tips with your target audience on any topic related to your industry, then a tweetstorm is the ideal way to go with it.

2. Picture Worth a Thousand Words

There have been many types of research on social media users, and most of them tell the same story that a tweet with a photograph reaches more people and gets more attention than a plain tweet and that too more than 300%. As you share more than one image with that tweet, your audience is more likely to spend more time on that tweet or even click on it. It’s a great way to tell a story. You can also share a group of pictures from an event, telling your followers and potential clients about the same in this picturesque manner, making it more enticing.

3. Bank on Brand Hashtag

Hashtags play a crucial role in creating a community and brands are relying on such hashtags to promote themselves. Some brands have hashtags dedicated to their names and use certain hashtags with a certain cluster that the audience recognises instantly that which hashtag belongs to which brand. For example, Mamaearth uses hashtag #GoodnessInside which is based on the brand philosophy of finding the beauty within. And any loyal customer of ME can tell that this hashtag belongs to this brand. You can also establish your own hashtag and bank on it. 

4. Get on Trending Hashtag Train

X is the place to join the hot topics and be relevant when a topic is trending among your target audience as well as loyal customers or anybody interested in your field or industry. If you can establish your brand hashtag to build a story, then you can also jump on the bandwagon of trending hashtags to connect with your brand story. It is the perfect time and opportunity to showcase your creative side. You can get assistance from any social marketing company in Delhi like SkyTrust that has mastered this art by spending years in the advertising industry.


1. Create a Playlist

If your brand has a YouTube channel for your brand promotion and you keep your audience updated with your latest offerings or modifications, then you can segregate these videos into different categories, in different playlists. Video is certainly the most engaging form of content and keeping that in mind, you should create as much video content as possible to target the audience toward your brand and turn them into a potential customer. Storytelling can be a lot of fun if the YouTube video playlist feature is utilised well by the brands.

Conclusion Storytelling marketing is not a new concept in the field of digital marketing and brands have realised its potential as well. Social media is the ideal place to make that story heard as who doesn’t love hearing a good story, especially when a brand is telling it? Being a prominent social marketing agency in Delhi, we at SkyTrust and our team of industry veterans can help you attain a level of storytelling supremacy that you will be able to meet your success and growth goals with the best ROI. Let’s join forces and get started on that path.

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