Top 5 SEO Trends You Need to Keep an Eye On

SEO Trends

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With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, brands are integrating this need of the hour in their digital marketing efforts and transforming the way they operate. But the world of digital transformation is not limited to just AI as it goes beyond that. And that is shaping the search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies so that the business becomes a brand and a brand utilises every opportunity to turn out to be a global label in its niche. 

To stay ahead in the race of ‘SEO strategy’, you also have to be well-informed about the ongoing trends and updates in the industry and segregate which one will get you the best returns. But the question that is still at large is why you need to follow the latest SEO trends of the year 2023. Here are some basic yet valid reasons that will help you navigate the world of SEO with an enhanced perspective.

Better Forecasting: A better understanding of the latest trends will help you predict future sales and possibilities and make things easier for you as well. 

Predict Trends: If you keep an eye on the past and current trends of SEO, you can analyse to an extent, predict what to expect tomorrow, and be ready for that as well.

Identify Cause of Change: Following a trend thoroughly also gives you an advanced indication if a decision is right for your business or not. It enables you to establish a genuine business workflow that aligns with evolving trends.

Points to Improve: It eventually helps you improve the policies and business processes which only aids you in coping with the ongoing changes in the industry.Now that you know the motivations to hop on board, you need to diligently check on these new SEO trends to take your business or brand another mile ahead, shall we move forward with detailed analyses of the same? Get, set, go!

1. Role of Artificial Intelligence

SEO Trends

SEO strategy demands a lot of textual content that helps in making the strategy successful. Now with the advent of generative AI, the job has become a time-saving process that is not just simple to follow but also accessible for every domain. It is like a technologically advanced saviour that is always on its toes to cater to your SEO needs. Moreover, it helps you make your authoritative content rank better on SERPs. For example, if you are in the apparel business and want to leverage Bing where AI-generated summary is the norm, then worry not. Suppose your potential client happens to search for fashion tips or the latest trends in fashion on Bing, the AI-generated summary not only gives it the pro tips but also highlights your website at the bottom as options, which the end-user can explore.

2. Voice Search: Trending SEO Tips for Beginners

Voice-based personal assistants like Google Assistance, Alexa, Siri, and more are in the growth phase and are still evolving. As people are also relying on voice search commands to look for any information over the internet, search engines are also integrating this feature in their offerings. The microphone sign by the search bar side is an ideal example of the same. The biggest advantage of voice search is that it is more conversational than text-based searches. In the latter, you type specific keywords with no consideration for grammar, whereas voice search lets you use a natural way of conversation. Besides, people use voice search in a question-like manner and that is where you can also use long-tail keywords for better optimisation.

3. Visual Search: Hot Topic of the Decade

It has become a trend for online shopping where the audience uses visual cues to find the result of their liking, and E-commerce sites are banking on it. In other words, if you like something in an image and you want to buy it or know more about it, you just search for it with the search engine’s image-search feature where you upload that specific image and all the relevant results will pop up on your screen. Its most popular examples are Bing Visual Search and Google Lens. That is one of the main reasons why your business or brand needs to follow these pro SEO tips to create and optimise images to target visual searches where the end user plays a significant role. So make sure your image boasts high quality, is representative, optimised well with alt text, and other factors.

4. Video Optimisation: YouTube SEO tips

As YouTube is the second most utilised search engine where people go with their queries and Google also includes videos in the top results of SERPs, why not count on it? It proves quite useful in tutorials and “how-to” videos, like recipes, latest news, music videos, etc. Here are some video SEO guidelines that you must include in your strategy and make it smarter:

  • Break your video into chapters for a better understanding of this visual search engine.
  • Include captions in your video as the automatic captions don’t justify the video content.
  • Use main keywords in title, tag, and description.

As video content gets more attention than visual and text-based content, brands need to step up their SEO game with video content integration for better reach among audiences.

5. Bing is On the Rise

Since the Microsoft-owned search engine incorporated ChatGPT in its algorithm, it is one step ahead of Google in catering to the needs of its audience. According to tech web platform- The Verge, within weeks after the generative AI’s integration, Bing has achieved the target of 100 million active daily users. It has helped the search engine become the 2nd choice of the users after Google. Although Google has more than a billion daily users and Bing has a long way to beat it but the technological advancement of the former is commendable which Google should make a note of. Now you need to make sure that your website is optimised well for Bing as well.

Just like we mentioned in the beginning, the SEO optimisation of your website and the rest of the content is the need of the hour for any business or brand out there. But evolving in the ever-changing world of “digital everything”, you need to keep up with the pace of upcoming SEO trends that will help you unlock the potential of your business or brand over the internet. To fulfil this purpose, any SEO Company in Delhi can help you with the process, like SkyTrust, where every trend is ardently followed as per your need and brand value.

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